Friday, January 16, 2009

Level 5 Mitten Alert!

Level 5 Mitten Alert! [Side note: I stole that phrase from a New Jersey 101.5 caller. It is the sort of silly phrase I'd come up with, but I guess I'm just not that clever today. Oh, and 101.5 isn't my usual radio station of choice, in case you're wondering. I was in the car with a coworker. That's my excuse.] That's how cold it is today. In Bridgewater right now it is 16 degrees and sunny. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Oh, well, I forgot to tell you about the wind chill factor. It feels like it's 4. Just 4. 4 degrees. Lonely little 4. Ok, I guess you get it. It's cold.

Luckily, I finished knitting my new favorite mittens last night. Let me tell you, these are some Serious Mittens. A full 14" long and knit out of lovely Malabrigo Chunky Merino with some nice whale spine cabling detail, these babies are warm and cozy to the max. The pattern is Bella's Mittens (ravelry link) by fellow blogger subliminalrabbit. I highly recommend it! I knit mine on larger needles though, cause I just can't imagine chunky yarn on a US 8. I cast on fewer stitches for the cuff, but the hand has the same stitch count as the pattern. Full mods and deets are on my ravelry page. I'd LOVE to show you a picture here and now, but when I went to turn on my new baby camera (it's a baby cause it's only 17 days old), it didn't work! It just won't turn on, and yes, I'm sure the batteries work. Camera-breaking problems aside, the next place I'd turn for a picture would be my cell phone, but alas, i abandoned it outside last night after a few drinks (I was drinking, not my cell phone) and it is still warming up. Of course, i did not do anything as irresponsible and reckless with my brand new camera. That young'un just up and died on its own...

I just knew that I should have listened to the negative reviews on Best Buy's site, as the problems that several other consumers have had appear to be exactly what I'm experiencing. I am very afraid that Best Buy will screw me out of a refund or even exchange, as their website states that refunds may be given for digital cameras within 14 days. I'm going to enlist the help of a very level-headed friend (thanks, Scott) to try and exchange this silly little Kodak at Best Buy. You see, when things go my way I'm as sweet as a barrel of honey, but when someone tells me I can't have or do something, I am either a total pushover or a scary bitch. And I can often go from sweet to bitch or even pushover to bitch in about two seconds flat. Wish me luck!

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