Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank goodness for knitting...

So I had an appointment with my Ear/Nose/Throat doc this morning, and I didn't even realize how heinous the wait was (45 min before 10:00am) and how bitchy the receptionist was because I was so occupied and pacified by my second jitterbug jaywalker. Knitting calms me down aaaaalll the time. It's probably added YEARS to my life due to stress reduction. I once saw a little logo (probably a ravelry avatar) that said "I knit so I don't kill people." I seem to feel like that more and more lately.

So, about this's been my first visit there in about a year and a half, so I got a new referral from my PCP (yay HMOS!) Here's how the greeting conversation went:

me: Hello! I have new insurance, so here's my card.
receptionist: Do you have a referral.
me: yes.
recep [rudely]: Can I have it?
me: Oh, I thought it was electronic.
recep [looks at insurance card]: Amerihealth? No!
me: Um, my doctor told me it was electronic.
recep: Well, we have no way of accessing it. If you wnat to see the doctor today, you're going to have to call your doctor and have them fax it over right away.
me: Um, ok.

All this before 9:20 am. Maybe she hadn't had her coffee yet? I know I hadn't, but luckily I also neglected to take my bitch pills. So, I got the stupid referral faxed over. After my 45 minute wait and 6 minute visit with the doctor, I got a look at their computer screens as I checked out and paid my co pay. They probably couldn't access my electronic referral because they couldn't access the internet. Seriously, the computer moniters were like small white boxes. The screens were black with orange-MS-DOS-looking type on them. These machines appeared to be circa 1987. This is the office of the man I trusted with a laser in my throat and sinus cavity?? Oh, well. He is a good surgeon...

I finished the heel flap on my jaywalker, though! Hopefully I'll be done with these little suckers by Wednesday or Thursday. I probably only need 2 nights for the heel gusset, foot, and toe. I can't wait to wear them! They'll be my first finished pair of socks.

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juicyknits said...

So funny! But yeah, knitting is relaxing - better than any therapy anyway...