Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Owl Delivery!

Just as I was getting my owl ready to send out a VIP (Very Important Package), another bird swooped into my window! This poor owl was very tired, as he had flown here all the way from Azerbaijan where my spoiler's hubby works for the US Embassy (right?) I gave him some water right away, and he even stooped to eating the cat food I had just put out for my hungry little familiars.

Bella Shacklebolt did a fabulous job of spoiling me! She must have used occlemency to determine exactly what I want and need the most! If it's not too late, I'd like to nominate her for the Best Kit award.

As soon as I opened the box I knew I was in for a treat, because the package was beautifully wrapped and adorned with some cute stickers: A Gryffindor crest and the charming Neville Longbottom, one of my favorite characters.


Right on top of the package I found a beautiful zippered pouch from an Azerbaijian street market adorned with a Kingsley Shacklebolt sticker--my favorite member of the OotP and Bella's father. This pouch will be perfect for storing little notions.


Here are the rest of the magical goodies:


Bella sent me a gorgeous felted bag in Gryffindor colors. It's the perfect size for a small-medium project or my lunch! I just love the pebbly texture that yarn takes on when it felts--it makes me so happy. This particular felted bag is so fluffy and soft--it must be a wool/alpaca or wool/mohair blend. I love it! Also included was a booklet on the Magic Loop technique (love this!), TWO sets of needles--size US0 bamboo dpns and a KnitPicks metal circ in a US1 (perfect for magic loop!), dpn and wip tubes (My dpn collection is all over the place and I am forever dropping stitches when my wip bounces around in my handbag, so I really need these!), point protectors (will also help with the wip control), the most amazing stitch markers from etsy (KnitSticks), and best of all, gorgeous gorgeous yarn from Cosmic Fibers. The stitch markers are unbelievable. There's so much detail, yet they're so tiny. Each one has a different crest--each of the houses and the final one has the Hogwarts crest. I requested yarn that is reminiscent of the HP and the OotP book cover, and I can't believe how gorgeous it is. It's a varigated blue and charcoal gray yarn, and the colors have such depth, I can't stop looking at them. Bella tells me that the Cosmic Fibers had a HP book cover yarn club, and I am so jealous that I missed out on this! I'll definitely be visiting this seller's etsy shop soon :).

By the way...I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this special delivery. Check out one of my cats exploring and eating the box it all came in.

First she played with the ribbon


Then she got friendly with the box.

IMG_1563 IMG_1564


(She doesn't seem to know it, but she's a little too fat and fluffy to fit in that box) I think she approves.

Thanks, Bella!


Calliope said...

oh, your yarn is beautiful, and your cat is adorable. Love the kit! :D

Bella Shacklebolt said...

I am SO happy that the package arrived and that you love everything!

The yarn for your bag was found in a wonderful yarn shop in Lithuania (during my refugee period). It is by Bremont and is called Natasha. It is so soft, I hated to felt it, but the only other wools they had were superwash!

The stichmarkers are so beautiful that I didn't want to part with them...and the OotP yarn - to DIE for. Enjoy!

Oh and the wrapping job - I haven't found a wrapping paper store in Azerbaijan yet so that paper is the stretchy stuff that they put around flowers! I stopped in to a florist and bought a roll of red and a roll of yellow, AND the tape right off their counter! Too funny!