Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Redneck...and shoulders, and back...

It's a pretty good thing that I have this week off, cause I haven't been able to comfortably wear anything more supportive than a bikini top since before my beach trip on Sunday. My sister and I went to the shore at Seven Presidents Beach in Long Branch, NJ. I'd highly recommend it. Even though it was Memorial Day Weekend, it wasn't too crowded. This beach really never is too crowded, but I don't understand why--it's gorgeous! It's always clean, they have nice, clean bathrooms, a little snack bar, a nice patio area to eat your snacks on, a huge playground for kids, AND there's usually a sandbar in the ocean! I don't really understand the whole "Closing NJ State Parks" thing that was talked about over the past few months, and I'm not even sure if that plan was put into action or not. But either way, I am sooo glad this state park is still open. It's my favorite one, hands down. But anyway, back to me. My sister was only responsible for putting sunscreen on my upper back. Funny, that's the only place I got burned. After a little while I turned my back towards her and said "Sar, my back feels kinda hot. Is it red?" She was like "Umm...yeah, let me put some more lotion on." So she did. I knew I was in trouble when she said, "It's the worst here," and touched the sides of my lower upper back, sorta almost under my arms. Great. The fleshy part that always seems to be pinched by my bra, no matter what size it is. Of course, it doesn't hurt when your skin isn't barbequed. So, it's halter tops for me for a few days. Luckily, I have plenty of those to put into the rotation.

I don't want to waste all of the sunshine today--I'm off to dye some naked bamboo for a very lucky ravelry swap spoilee!

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Bella Shacklebolt said...

Hope your sunburn is feeling a little better!

Will we get to see pictures of the no longer naked bamboo?